Industry News June 19 2018

How Eagle’s College Recruitment Program Jumpstarts Careers

Chris Knopp is a Loan Officer at Eagle Home Mortgage. He became a recruit during the first-year launch of Eagle’s college recruitment program, Next Gen. In 2017, Eagle Home Mortgage recruited Knopp at a college career fair. Before attending the career fair, Knopp never considered applying for a position in the mortgage industry. He was actually studying to be a Financial Analyst in the oil and gas industry. According to Knopp, he had multiple reasons to approach the Eagle Home Mortgage career booth. “I wasn’t getting anywhere with finding a position as a Financial Analyst. It was a bad year to find a job in that market,” Knopp said. “I was frustrated that I wore a suit AND paid for parking at this career fair, so I thought I would persevere and at least check-out this available recruitment program.” Next Gen is an associate development program designed as an accelerated training roadmap to prepare college professionals for a career in mortgage lending. The fast track curriculum educates candidates through hands-on training with opportunity for advancement. Knopp said that he owes his career success to Next Gen and without the opportunity he would not experience the financial freedom he does today. “Without this program I wouldn’t have a career. I would still be waiting tables at Perry’s Steakhouse,” Knopp said. "Next Gen gave me the ability to have financial freedom and the tools I needed to become a Loan Officer.” Next Gen offers three different course directions. These courses establish the necessary credentials to assume the title of a Corporate Management Associate, Loan Officer Associate, or a Loan Processor Associate. Knopp spoke about the length of his training that he underwent during his placement in the Next Gen program. “From the time that I was hired on, my entire training took me about 12 months to become certified as a Loan Officer,” Knopp said. “You get to train and shadow other loan officers as well as do a deep dive into compliance training.” Each year, Next Gen offers its recruits a trip to Clearwater, Florida. Here, they get a preview of the entire mortgage industry. The recruits learn about Eagle Home Mortgage and get to meet many company executives. According to Knopp, it is important that new recruits understand that their success inside the program is directly tied to their own commitment. “What you put into this program is definitely what you are going to get out of it,” Knopp said. “You have to stay focused even when things seem tedious.” A career in the mortgage industry isn’t for the faint of heart. Most of Eagle’s Loan Officers have fast-paced schedules and keep multi-tasking as a top priority. According to Knopp, he became a Loan Officer to help others and is constantly juggling multiple projects. “I enjoy being a Loan Officer first and foremost because you get to be a dream-maker,” said Knopp. “However, every single day is very challenging, because you can go from zero to hero in a span of ten minutes in this industry.” At Eagle, we strive to maintain a working environment that establishes associate advancement and contentment at the forefront of all decisions. Knopp said Eagle’s company culture is the main reason his transition into the mortgage industry felt effortless. “I enjoy working for Eagle Home Mortgage because of the people I get to work with,” said Knopp. “Even all of the executives that I’ve encountered while working here are pretty awesome. Eagle is a big company with a close-knit family feeling.” Chris Knopp is currently a Loan Officer at Eagle Home Mortgage. He has been with the company 2 years and is currently fielding loans in the Houston, Texas area.    

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