Lifestyle July 01 2018

Tips for the Perfect Backyard Barbecue

Summer is officially here and that means it’s time to fire up the grill and move the party outside! Whether you’re hanging out with the family or hosting for many, here are a few tips to make your backyard barbecue memorable.

1. Get the Food Right

The most important thing for a barbeque…the food! Brush up on your grilling skills and keep the menu simple – oh, and don’t forget about your friends with dietary restrictions. Be sure to include some vegetarian or gluten-free options so everyone can feel included. Tip: Avoid those “Is the food ready?” questions, set out a few light snacks for your guests to munch on while you fire up the grill.

2. Keep the Bugs Away

The worst part of partying outside in the summer – mosquitoes! Citronella candles are a go-to for backyard get-togethers. They are safe, non-toxic and best of all, they keep your guests from swatting their legs all night. Fun Fact: Mosquitoes are also weak flyers. Even setting a few fans outside on low can create enough airflow to keep them away, and on a hot day in July, your guests may appreciate a little breeze anyway!

3. Light it Right

Don’t rely just on the fireworks to light up your party at night! A little ambient lighting will take your Summer celebration to the next level. Adding a few string lights, lanterns or tealights will do the trick.

4. Master the Music

The perfect playlist will be the final touch to your patriotic party. We recommend going heavy on the classics, songs that your guests will recognize to keep the party upbeat. Just make sure the volume isn’t too loud! You don’t want your guests yelling over the music.

Need some ideas? Check out our family-friendly suggested playlist below!

Good Vibrations – The Beach Boys American Girl – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers We’re an American Band – Grand Funk Railroad Proud Mary – Tina Turner Island in The Sun – Weezer American Pie – Don McLean Smooth – Santana Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison


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