Lifestyle October 05 2017

14 DIY Craft Ideas for a Festive Fall Home

As we’re settling into Fall, spice up your home with some DIY craft ideas that are easy and affordable. The following list is comprised of classic fall items that everyone loves including pumpkins, leaves, pine cones and more! These projects are fun for the family as well as friends who are looking for a great time to bond! Supplies can be found around your home or at your local craft store.

1. Pumpkin Tree Stump Welcome Sign

DYI Fall decor - Pumpkin tree stump welcome sign

Source: View from the Fridge

2. Autumn Leaf Bowl

DYI Fall Decor - Autumn Leaf Bowl

Source: Consumer Crafts

3. Hello Fall Door Hanger

DYI Fall Decor - Hello Fall Door Hanger

Source: Silhouette America


4. Leaf Garland

DYI Fall Decor - Leaf Garland

Source: Sondra Lyn at Home

5. Pumpkin Porch Lamps

DYI Fall Decor - Pumpkin Porch Lamps

Source: All Things Heart and Home

6. Root Beer Bottle Centerpiece

DYI Fall Decoration - Root Beer Bottle Centerpiece

Source: Knick of Time

7. Wood Fall Sign & Porch

DYI Fall Decoration - Wood Autumn sign Porch

Source: Nifty Mom

8. Watercolor Paper Leaf & Branch Mobile

DYI Fall Decorations - Watercolor Paper Leaf and Branch Mobile

Source: Happiness is Homemade

9. Leaf Throw Pillows

DYI Fall Decorations - Leaf Throw Pillows

Source: Hand Made in the Heart

10. Pumpkin Candy Holder Revamp

DYI Fall Decoration - Pumpkin Candy Holder Revamp

Source: Drab to Fab

11. Hanging Owl Tree

DYI Fall Decorations - Hanging Owl Tree

Source: Frugal Fun 4 Boys

12. Wood Pumpkins Tutorial

DYI Fall decorations - Wood Pumpkins Tutorials

Source: Family Food Fun

13. Fall Mason Jars

DYI Fall decorations - Fall Mason Jars

Source: My Anything and Everything

14. Cinnamon Sticks Candle


DYI Fall Decorations - Cinnamon Sticks Candle

Source: Garden Therapy

Shopping for Fall decorations can be an expensive and stressful process. Try making them yourself this year so you can save money and have a great time! With these projects, your guests wouldn’t even suspect that your decorations are homemade. We hope you enjoy them and have a wonderful season!

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